A collaboration of tank-fresh beer, urban distilling and modern kebabs.

There's no place like a hotel.
Said no one, ever. But what if your place to stay felt more like your space to live? More legroom than a hotel. More style than a serviced apartment. Where you can eat, sleep and unwind in your own beautifully designed space. With all the stuff you actually need to continue your everyday, even when you’re away from home. Made to be lived in, not just slept in, Locke is a place you can connect with yourself, and the community. Beautiful but comfortable. Subtle but assertive. Hip but inclusive. Another way to stay.
German Kraft was born out of the desire to redefine traditional methods of brewing beer by creating clean, fresh beer brewed and served at Kingsland Locke, straight from the tank. In doing so, German KRAFT reduces its CO2 footprint by 75% in comparison to the average brewery, avoiding unnecessary packaging and transportation. The result is unfiltered, unpasteurised and drinkable craft beer brewed only using water, malt, hops and yeast. Delicious.
German Kraft Brewery opened its first brewpub in the sustainable market Mercato Metropolitano. We share the same values & strongly believe in the MM Manifesto.
Jim and Tonic believe it's about time quality spirits and sustainability went hand in hand. Distilled at Kingsland Locke, Jim and Tonic’s gins use pioneering techniques to reduce waste, reuse resources and regenerate its surroundings. Each of Jim & Tonic’s craft gins is perfectly paired with simple yet sophisticated premium tonics and garnishes.
Honed from techniques in Michelin starred kitchens and from Middle Eastern and South Asian cooking inspirations, Le Bab brings a new approach to the ancient dish, cooked on a wood and charcoal-filled robata. All made with seasonal and organic ingredients, their new menu at KRAFT Dalston menu runs from snacks to mezze, with the main event a selection of slider-sized kebabs.

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